V1 Oshalopes
The first oshalopes, these feature mostly deer-like antlers and ears, cloven hoof styled paws and minimal body mods.
V2 Oshalopes
The madness continuing, with more modifications including body shape and leg lengths.

Male - white tail deer inspired
Hexed by me
Based his coloured loosely on my RL bun, Apollo aka "Fat Bunny".

Male - fantasy jackalope inspired
Hexed by me
I should not be allowed to hex while bored. I wanted to fiddle with scales and made some overwhelming 18 point antlers. I also went overboard with the dog style grizzle because why the hell not?

Oshalope-Inspired Hexes
These cuties are not true Oshalopes, based on other breeds and feature a range of variety in build and levels of hexing.

Squishy the Honeylope
Male - white tail deer inspired
Hexed by me
I needed a honeybear based oshalope, so I hexed Squishy. Despite their sweetness and floof, I have not done any other honeylopes and I should.

The quintessential american cryptid, the jackalope is classically a rabbit with antlers or horns from either the white tail deer or the pronghorn antelope. These guys will be more rabbit than oshie, and may have a range of personalities.

Rex the King of the Jackalopes
Male - american elk inspired
hexed by me
Because I had a mighty need.