Welcome to Alex's madhouse. Someday I'll actually have a real site.

Something else fancy should go here.

02.03.2022: Stamps updated, changed the layout background for something more spring-like. Yeah I need to actually do something here. FML.
08.02.2022: Holland lop and rex rabbit breed files are available for download. Otherwise I have done *nothing*! XD
15.1.2022: Well. Okay. Yeah it's here but it's mostly broken. PKC still isn't back so I can't do 90% of my recordskeeping. Going to add a couple links because of reasons. The world needs the Oshalope XD
11.1.2021: Updates. Catz are somewhat complete, there are some dogz scattered here and there. Someday I will actually have everyone up. Maybe.
1.1.2021: Hey look at that.