I am not good at recordskeeping and this is not a full list, nor will it likely list all of the variants I have made. There is a risk, allbeit small, of accidentally getting a very similar or identical clone of another pet, even if the personality will be unique/different birthday etc. You have been warned.
There is nothing in any particular chronological order and this page is and always will be chaos.

That being said...
+ "Available" means available, "restricted" is seasonal or I have done a lot of them so not giving as many out, "retired" is no longer available, and "undecided" is I am undecisive and haven't made up my mind yet so ask :)
+ I love all kinds of things! Art, bred petz, hexed petz, graphics, stamps, etc! Don't feel like you can't apply because you don't hex :)
+ I do look at wishlists now and then and have been known to drop into DMs with hexies :)
+ I looooooove external furfiles. You have been warned.

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True Oshalopes

The True Oshalope is an orange shorthair based, deer or bunny eared creature. The males feature spectacular antlers or horns, and the females may or may not have a set as well. They come in a wide range of colours from albino to melanistic and everything in between!

Whitetail Oshalope Version 1
Status: Available
Colours taken: TBA

Whitetail Oshalope Version 2
Available in buck (antlered) or doe (no antlers)
Status: Available
Colours taken: TBA

Reindeer Oshalope
Status: Seasonal
Colours Taken: TBA

Greater African Oshalope (Kudu)
Status: Restricted/Retired Available in Bull (horned) or cow (hornless)
Colours Taken: TBA

Oshalope-Inspired Hexes

These creatures are not True Oshalopes nor jackalopes, and have a wide range of bases. I find them most often resembling honeybears :)

Honeylope Version 1
Status: Trade (limited)
Colours Taken: TBA

Holiday Honeybears
Status: Available
Colours taken: 135/1, 75, 173, 214, 80, 151, 45

Frosted Honeybears
Status: Available
Colours taken: various combos of blues, with or without coordinating irises and pupils.


Ah, the jackalope. My favourite cryptid! While the jackalope does have some real life references (the shope papilloma virus, which causes hornlike growths), it is considered a fictional creature. I enjoy them to no end and they're a fun excuse to build antlers and make rabbits :)

(unnamed file)
Status: Limited
Colours taken: 25/170, 35/?, 65/214

Floofer the lop jackalope
Status: Restricted
Colours taken: as seen

Jackalope - Classic Version
Based on the Rex Rabbit file, OW
Status: undecided
Colours Taken: 105, 65, 45, 25 with black grizzle and matching eyes

I have a small obsession with these.
Feature OW or stand-alone files, mostly oshie or tabby based with a range of body types and movement abilities. I got a little better at it as time went on.

Yes, I've done a couple things resembling catz too. :O

Cosy Winter Tabbies
The sequel to the Norwegian Forest Cat/Wegie hex called Skogkatt, I like this one more XD
Status: Available til March 2023 - trade, application/adoption
Colours Taken: cream/red mackerel tabby and white, cream/blue classic tabby and white, cream and tan classic tabby with white, white self with bi-colour eyes copper and blue, van with tan smoke and bi-colour eyes, orange/black tortie with orange eyes, orange/red mackerel tabby with white and 214 eyes

Pleistocene Alley
What happens when I am left to my own devices and do whatever happens to come to mind. This started as a glow up and just descended into madness and I couldn't be more pleased. I love the fangies!
Status: Available
Colours taken: above (ben3.bmp)

Pride Honeybears
Status: Seasonal, restricted
Colours Taken: a bunch, I didn't keep track. Featuring Trans, Gay, Lesbian, Rainbow, Ace

Speed Hex 2022
Status: Downloadable! Click here!
Colours taken: who knows!

I posted this file for download after the speedhex challenge at the slumber party. Features a lot of subtle mods. Oddly enough, it breeds VERY well as an OW, and the crazy whiskers tend to pass down with modestly good results. They will occasionally pick up on the jowl colour, but that's easy enough to fix. Double whiskers can happen since they're 100% addballz and the original whiskers are omitted/-99.

This file is for personal use/breeding projects only. Do not hex for sale or other distribution without my permission, please :)
I have no self control.

Status: Mildly available
Colours Taken: 65/105/172, 105/45/214
I made these in a variety of colours, and I don't have records of them all. I'm sorry.
Status: Limited
Colours Taken: Albino (15/15/75), Melanistic (35/25/165?), Shiny (125/45/172, 125/15/172), Regular (105/45/95, 105/45/105, 105/15/214, 65/45/65, 65/15/95)